Monday, February 1, 2010


Many of you have been wondering what my classes are like here. I'm taking six classes but my schedule is still not finalized. I am taking classes a t three different universities. The first one is called BonĂ³ and I'm taking Social History of the Dominican Republic. It's 3.45 hours long which seems never ending but we do activities that relate to the material so time passes quickly. But there is a lot of reading for that class. All in Spanish of course which takes even more time, but I'm getting used to it. I'm taking 3 classes at my "home school" FLACSO which is run by CIEE, the program I traveled with. There I'm taking a Living and Learning seminar where we learn more about underlying issues in Dominican Culture, a Spanish Conversation Class, and a Language and Culture class where we learn about things like Dominican authors and common everyday language. The last school I'm attending is one of the biggest universities on the island called UASD. They are extremely disorganized and slow to respond or help in any academic situation. I had my first class today and found out it doesn't exist. So I'm back to looking for a sixth class. So far I like all my classes. I came here not knowing much about the country so I'm learning new things everyday about the history and language. That's all for now. I'll adding another post about transportation and my host family soon!

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