Monday, February 1, 2010

Host Family

I live in a small apartment with my host mom and her 25 year old daughter. My host mom has another son and daughter who are both married. Some of the other students I've talked to say that their host parents don't put much thought into the food they cook. But my host mom makes amazing food for me every night and asks me multiple times if I've had enough. She works as an accountant in the President's office all week and spends time with her children and grandchildren on the weekends. She always offers to drive me and my friends to where ever we're going and shows me around the city so I can become familiar with the city. I have my own tv and my own bathroom which is rare around here. I also have recently discovered the free internet that occasionally shows up in my room! My host sister is very nice and speaks English which is helpful when I'm at a loss for Spanish words! Soon she says she's going to take me to get my hair done so hopefully i'll learn how to keep it straight in this insane heat and humidity. Over all, I'm happy with everything and I think I lucked out!


  1. Hi Amy - This is great! I just sent a link to everyone. They are going to enjoy reading about all your experiences and adventures in DR. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! Love, DAD

  2. Hi Amy,

    The Red Sox need another great hitter like David Ortiz- Big Papi- from the Dominican. IT'S UP TO YOU. I wonder if you could do Red Sox Nation a favor and spend ALL your free time looking for the next Big Papi, a young Dominican baseball player to hit cleanup. I hope that's not too much to ask of you. If you do, we'll get you tickets to Fenway!

    Also, could you visit Pedro Martinez's child hood home and leave flowers at his door.

    Thanks Kiddo! Stay safe and well!

    I'll be reading your blog.

    Uncle Tommy

  3. Hi Uncle Tommy!!

    haha i will try my hardest to find the next great Red Sox player. I have a few connections with Escogido (the most recent national champs) so i'll see what I can do.

    Miss you guys!!