Tuesday, February 16, 2010

English Lessons

Last week I started teaching Enlglish to 4th and 5th gradersat a boarding school for girls called Hogar de Doña Chucha. (Doña Chucha's House) This school is for girls who come from troubled homes. They are not troubled themselves, but their parents or caregivers are not capable of taking care of them. The girls are really nice and eager to learn but they are crazy. The older ones are a little better behaved than the younger ones but I like them all. Today I did a lesson on the alphabet and numbers and at the end we played bingo which they liked. But they were already asking me how long I was staying and when I was leaving to go back to the United States. I feel bad that I'm only going to teach for 3 months and leave because I feel like they've had so many people in their lives who come and go so quickly. Hopefully I can come back and visit though.

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