Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Field Trips

I'm taking a class called Language and Culture where we go on little field trips to museums and local markets. For the first field trip we went to a pedestrian street called El Conde. There Dominicans sell paintings, jewelry and anything else you can imagine. At the end of El Conde, we toured an ancient cathedral, a cigar museum and an amber museum. I think the cigar museum was my favorite because the employees made every cigar hand and we got to see how they did it. They make about 300 in one day. We also went to a local market where all the produce was so cheap! Even though everyone tried to rip us off, we knew what they were up to. We had to go around and ask the venders about their jobs, where they got their produce, why they chose this profession...things like that. The last table my group went to had bottles of different liquids in them. They turned out to be medicines for the flu and even cancer. This vender told us that the medicine for cancer was being studied at some universities in the U.S. We were skeptical about if it worked but he said it did. Who knows. Never know what you'll find here!

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